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Want to take your spinning up a notch? Have you wanted to learn to spin but haven’t known where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the list of scheduled virtual and in-person classes below.


Ongoing Classes

Virtual Custom Spinning Sessions

Need some specialized spinning instruction? Are you a geographically dispersed group of spinners that want to take a class together but you can't get together in one location? Beginning in January 2022, you can book some time with me for a group of up to four students. Sessions are $50 (CDN) per 30 minutes. 

Contact me to book a session.


Upcoming Classes

November 12: TBA In-Person Class

Back to Basics: Let’s Learn to Spin!

Are you a yarn used who wants to create their own yarn? Are you a wheel spinner who wants something more portable for spinning? Or maybe you know how to spin on a spindle but you need a refresher. This class is for all of you! We will learn the basics of spinning and plying on a suspended spindle. We will talk about 

  • twist and how twist makes fibres into yarn, 
  • the mechanics of how your spindle works,
  • different methods of plying if you only have one spindle
  • how to spin from common fibre preparations, like batts and top

And then you can take your spindle and all your leftover fibre home with you to practice!


None. This class is suitable for absolute beginners or novice spinners that want a refresher on how to spin with a suspended spindle.

Tools and Supplies You Need to Bring

  • A few empty toilet paper rolls
  • Pen and paper to take notes

This class is offered as part of the Edmonton Fibre Frolic in-person Events.

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Past Classes

May 28: Time 2pm-5pm In-Person Class

Back to Basics: Washing Fleece

Have you been wanting to buy a sheep fleece to use in your fibre work but don’t know where to start once you have it? This class is for you! We are going to learn different methods of washing a sheep’s fleece and once it is dried we will work on different ways of preparing the locks so that they are ready for use in projects such as spinning or felting.

This is a hands-on class where you will be doing each step of working with a fleece. The class will cover the parts of a fleece, bulk washing and dip washing and fibre prep techniques of teasing, flick carding, hand-carding and combing.

This class is offered as part of the Edmonton Fibre Frolic in-person Events.

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June 4: Time 3pm-5pm ET Virtual Class

Making Friends with Your Spinning Wheel

Understanding how your wheel operates and what it is excels at is directly related to the success and the pleasure of a spinner. Many spinners abandon spinning particular yarns on their wheel or e-spinner due to frustration with operating their wheel or e-spinner. This is a two-hour workshop on the drive systems and tensioning systems of different wheels and e-spinners that discusses what each excels at. The goal of the workshop is to take away your frustration and stress that that you may have when using your wheels and rekindle the joyful experience of making yarn. 

This class is offered as part of the 58th Ontario Handspinning Seminar Virtual Events.

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November 7: 1:00-4:00MT Virtual Class

Let’s Spin Sock Yarn!

Do you love knitting socks but want to take your making up a notch by making your own sock yarn? This class is for you. Learn the basics of spinning your own sock yarn as we explore the world of spinning them. We will cover what makes a good sock yarn, blending natural fibres to make a strong sock yarn, techniques and tips that will help you spin your yarn and variations that address durability and comfort in your sock yarn.

This class is offered as part of the Edmonton Fibre Frolic Virtual Events.

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Find your materials kit here