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Responsible Sustainability

two times infinity explores and revitalizes the art and craft of the past and brings it into the present. And does this while focussing on doing no harm to people, places and creatures. To meet that goal, we do three things.

  • One, we look for suppliers who share this value to protect the animals who provide our fibre, to protect the planet by embracing healthy environmental practices and to protect the people who harvest, process and dye the products we sell.
  • Two, we carry products that are all produced from raw materials from nature. We have made a choice to not carry highly processed manmade fibres.
  • Three, we have researched to find minimal packaging that is plastic free so that you, the consumer, can repurpose, recycle or compost it. Even down to the glue on our packing tape.

We know that today’s world is hectic and that we all are seeking activities to heal and nourish our souls.

We invite you to sit down with us.

To take a moment to slow down.

And create.