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Back to Basics: Let’s Learn to Spin on a Wheel or e-spinner!

Have you looked at all those beautiful yarns in yarn shops and have really wanted to learn how to create your own? Have you bought a spinning wheel but want to learn more about how to use it to spin yarn? Do you already know how to spin yarn but need a refresher on using your wheel or e-spinner? Or maybe you just want to learn to spin for the sake of spinning! This three hour workshop is for all of you! We will learn the basics of spinning and plying using a spinning wheel or an e-spinner. We will talk about 

  • twist and how twist makes fibres into yarn, 
  • the mechanics of how different types of wheels work,
  • different methods of plying if you only have one bobbin
  • take away the fear of spinning from common fibre preparations, like batts and blended top



This class is suitable for absolute beginners or novice spinners that want a refresher on how to spin on a wheel or e-spinner.

Tools and Supplies You Need to Bring

  • A working spinning wheel, either people powered or an e-spinner.
  • If you have them, 
    • extra bobbins,
    • a niddy noddy, 
    • a lazy kate,
  • a few empty toilet paper rolls
  • Pen and paper to take notes

Materials Included

  • 150g of spinning fibre in various preparations
  • approximately 20 page booklet

Contact me to book a workshop.

Scheduled Public Workshops

March 23, 9:30-12:30 at Numana Yarns in Edmonton. Register here.