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Back to Basics: Spinning it Up a Notch!

Do you already know how to spin but would like to take the next step? Are you intimidated by some of the fibre preps you see and need to conquer your fear? Maybe you have taught yourself how to spin and need some help filling in your knowledge gaps. Maybe you’re afraid of learning to spin finer yarn for fear you will not be able to spin those lovely bulky yarns any longer. This three hour class may be just what you need! 

We will talk about 

- Spinning twist and plying twist and how they work together to makes fibres into yarn. 

- Different types of drafts: short-forward draw, short-backwards draw, traditional long-draw, supported long-draw, spinning from the fold.

- Moving from spinning larger to spinning finer and back again.

- What is a diz and how do you use it?

- Whorls and ratios: what are they and when do you use a different one?

- Spinning from some lesser used fibre preps such as a batt, a rolag, washed fleece.

There will be time set aside for questions, so bring your biggest issues and we will work on improving them for you. 


This class is suitable for beginners spinners. You will need to be able to spin a continuous single. Plying knowledge is not required but will be an asset.

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