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Master Spinner Indispensable Bundles

Shopping for the fibre on your list just got easier!

As a student do you find you spend a lot of your time trying to find those last few fibres that you need to finish your homework assignments? Well, we have you covered with our bundles of fibres curated for each level of the Master Spinner Programme. Each bundle contains some of each fibre that you need so that you don’t have to stress about running out of fibre before you finish your skeins but also so you do not have too much of any one fibre. And so you can do more shopping for the fun fibre that you just want to play with! 

(Shhh! Even if you do run out, you can always come back to us for more!)

 Each box is priced at a 15% discount compared to if you bought each item individually which means you have more money to spend the way you want.