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Spring Love, 50g

Spring Love, 50g

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Light and airy! Just like the love you feel in the spring as the weather changes and the plant world comes to life again! This blend has the highest  percentage of silk that we have included in our blends which makes it even easier to spin finer. It also makes a fabulous addition to a surface layer of your felted work.  

This blend is part of our Summer Love Collection, which contains blends that match the passions of our different types of love. 


If you spin your singles fine, the colours will blend so that you do not see a large distinction between the colours. If you spin your singles larger, you will see pops of each of the different colours.


Note: Although we try our best to accurately represent the colours in our photos, differences in monitors could mean that the colour you see on your screen is different from the fibre colour.

Fibre content

23 micron merino, 67%

Eri Silk, 33%.