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Naturally Shetland Sock, 50g

Naturally Shetland Sock, 50g

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This blend is all natural colours! No dyes have been used to make any of the colours. It is composed of three colours of Shetland wool with some kid mohair added in to add some strength and luxury.

This blend is targetted at sock yarns since the kid mohair adds so much durability. However, in the woven sample that I created, it can easily be used to make a fabric that you would find in a tweed jacket. It definitely would be good in something that you want to wear in the cold.


This blend is part of our series of natural blends designed specifically for those of you who can't use or wear dyed fibres and for all of you who just like to play with the colours that come naturally from the fibre animals and the plant world.


Note: Although we try our best to accurately represent the colours in our photos, differences in monitors could mean that the colour you see on your screen is different from the fibre colour. 

Fibre content

75% Shetland wool 

25% kid mohair 

Snow not included.