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Master Spinner Level Five Indispensable Bundle

Master Spinner Level Five Indispensable Bundle

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Man-made fibres add-ons have been added as options to this box.  

Due to the elimination of the Vendor market at Fibre Week, we have decided to include manmade fibre add-ons for you. The purpose of our indispensible boxes is to make it easier to find the fibres you need. But now that the Vendor market is gone, it makes it harder for you to find them.    

The level five bundle does not include raw fibres since we feel that finding local producers close to you is part of the learning objectives for this class. In the past we also chose not to include synthetic or manmade fibres since although they are important learning fibres, they are not consistent with our mandate to not carry synthetics or manmade fibres. As a temporary measure we have decided to add options for you to purchase bundles of these fibres. 
This box and the add-ons are priced at a 15% discount compared to if you bought each item individually which means you have more money to spend the way you want. Shipping is included in the price. Any shipping you may be charged during checkout will be refunded. 

Note: If you order more than one option, eg. main bundle plus one or two add-ons or two add-ons, I will be returning shipping to you. There are too many combinations of these that it would be very confusing for you!

The main bundle contains these fibres.

  • dyed and undyed merino wool, dyed fibres may be different from the photo
  • undyed angora fibre
  • Lincoln wool
  • Blue-Faced Leicester wool
  • Romney wool
  • Southdown wool
  • undyed white cotton
  • undyed mulberry silk

    The Required Manmade Fibres Add-on contains these fibres: 

    • Nylon (fake cashmere) roving
    • Icicle Nylon fibre
    • Rayon/viscose fibre
    • Lyocell fibre
    • Bamboo from viscose fibre
    • Mint fibre
    • Rose fibre
    • Seacell fibre
    • Milk fibre
    • Soybean fibre

    The Optional Manmade Fibres Add-on contains these fibres: 

    • Acrylic roving
    • Pearl roving
    • Lotus roving
    • Bio-Nylon roving
    • Pineapple roving
    • Banana roving

    Fibres that you will need to source on your own but if you have trouble finding them, let us know and we can give you some ideas.

    • Raw/washed wool locks


    Note: Although we try our best to accurately represent the colours in our photos, differences in monitors could mean that the colour you see on your screen is different from the fibre colour.