Green Cotton, Easy-to-Spin

Green Cotton, Easy-to-Spin

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Green cotton is the classic coloured cotton. It is a pale mint colour until you spin it and then boil the yarn. Then it turns a darker warm green. It has the most dramatic colour shift of all of the coloured cottons. This is its natural colour, no dyes are used.

The Easy-to-Spin line of cotton is one of the easiest for hand-spinners to work with. It has been prepared specifically for hand-spinners who have different spinning needs than the textile mills. This preparation does not need to be carded into punis, you can spin right from the sliver. 

Cotton is a short fibre, so it spins a little differently than wool. You need to add a lot of twist to the yarn and use a woollen drafting technique. You can spin it using a worsted technique, such as short-forward draw, but since since the fibre is very short, each draw also needs to be very short. 

If you really want your coloured cotton yarn to pop, after spinning, pop your coloured cotton yarn into a pot and boil it for about an hour. You will be pleasantly surprised at the colour shift. 


Note: Although we try our best to accurately represent the colours in our photos, differences in monitors could mean that the colour you see on your screen is different from the fibre colour.

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