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Blueberry Sorbet, Watercolour Batt
Blueberry Sorbet, Watercolour Batt

Blueberry Sorbet, Watercolour Batt

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Blueberries are little parcels of sweetness that burst in your mouth with each bite. Blended with some cream makes them a perfect dessert. On a hot summer day, what can be better than a blueberry sorbet? Maybe some fibre that won't melt in the summer sun!

What are watercolour batts? This is our line of batts made from 100% merino fibre all dyed with nature dyes. Each batt is blended so that the colours transition softly just like they do when using wet-in-wet watercolour techniques.


Note: Although we try our best to accurately represent the colours in our photos, differences in monitors could mean that the colour you see on your screen is different from the fibre colour.

Fibre content

19 micron merino