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Exploration: Let's Play with Colour

Would you like to have some fun playing with colours? Join me in this four hour class where we explore blending colours with unspun fibre!  

We will create and talk about 

- The science based and the traditional colour wheels: how they are different and why we have both.

- Combining and modifying the science and traditional colour wheels.

- What tints and shades are and how they can alter your colour wheel.

- An exploration into some alternative colour wheels.

- Examples of the concepts of hue, value, chroma.

- How to blend using hand cards, combs and a hackle.


This class is suitable for any level of fibre artist who would like to explore creating different colours using fibre. Use of handcards and combs is not required but will be an asset. Learning how to use these tools is part of the class.

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