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Exploration: Deep Dive into Sheep Breeds

Did you know that there are more than 200 breeds of sheep? Although we all love merino it isn’t the best fibre to use in all circumstances. There are so many other sheep breeds to explore and learn how to use and when to use them. Although we don’t have time to explore all 200 breeds, in this two hour class we will look at the wool from ten different sheep breeds. For each breed we will look at the physical characteristics of its wool, the history of the breed, appropriate end uses and ways to spin the fibre to bring out its best qualities. 

Although we will focus on spinning, this class is also suitable for felters who would like to learn more about the wool from different breeds of sheep and for yarn uses who would like to understand about yarns made from alternative fibres that you can use for your projects. 


This class is suitable for absolute beginner fibre artists. 

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