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Cotton Sample Set, Easy-to-Spin, 25g

Cotton Sample Set, Easy-to-Spin, 25g

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Not sure which cotton to try? With this set you can try them all! You get 5g of each of the Easy-to-Spin cottons that we carry.

The Easy-to-Spin line of cotton is one of the easiest for hand-spinners to work with. It has been prepared specifically for hand-spinners who have different spinning needs than the textile mills. This preparation does not need to be carded into punis, you can spin right from the sliver. 

Cotton is a short fibre, so it spins a little differently than wool. You need to add a lot of twist to the yarn and use a woollen drafting technique. You can spin it using a worsted technique, such as short-forward draw, but since since the fibre is very short, each draw also needs to be very short.  

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Fibre content

5g white acala cotton

5g brown cotton

5g green cotton

5g cinnamon cotton

5g white pima cotton

.Sample Pack